Esson, Moira






  • Moira Esson is a 16-year-old  Junior at Brunswick High School. She owns two horses, Absolute Lady aka “Lady” and Mercer County Man aka "Manny". She has been riding for 10 years

                 What is your favorite horse memory?

     My favorite horse memory on a horse was my first horse show, both on my horse and show in general. The adrenaline pumping, the unbelievable happiness and the invincible feeling were incredible. My favorite memory off a horse is when I received Lady. When I realized she was my horse, I rushed to her, threw my arms around her neck and was so happy.  

                Why do you like riding?

    I love the connection between you and the horse, it’s undescribable, the sence of accomplishment once your achieve something and the fun!

    Do you have any goals that include horses?

    Not that I know now. I hope to continue riding the rest of my life

                What other activities are you involved in besides riding?  

    I am a nerd, so I’m in Latin club

                Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

    I love sarcasm



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